Cutting 1/4 acrylic (not cutting through)

I’m having a hard time cutting through my 1/4 inch acrylic sheets. I’ve tried the glowforge settings and the other setting members of the community have posted by none are working. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Are you using the thick acrylic setting and is there masking involved? Also, how close is it to cutting through? Are all of the optics clean?


Just cut 2 Peaces of 1/8 stacked on top thick clear acrylic

with paper on top for focus

Generally, stacking materials is not a great idea. The air between the two items can facilitate flames/fire. Watch any stacked materials very carefully!

Also, how does your personal experience with two layers of 1/8" material help the person asking for assistance with 1/4" acrylic?


Make sure your optics are clean and you’re using the thick acrylic setting. Acrylic is acrylic, so the PG settings should work even if it’s not PG acrylic.