Cutting .24 in plywood

We are trying to cut through .25 in plywood and cannot figure out how. It is engraving, but not cutting. My students are working on this, but could someone help?

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1/4" plywood can be problematic since the material can be warped, have voids, knots and glue spots. That being said, you should start with the settings for thick walnut plywood and adjust as necessary.

Also. we cannot discuss settings for non Proofgrade material except in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum, so I will move this.


Does it try to cut and just not getting through?
It takes a vector to cut, if there isn’t one in the file you won’t get the option to cut.


If you still have the premium trial, it will make a vector outline of an image. Otherwise there are mechanisms in other vector programs that will do so but not as easily.

Which source and type of plywood can make a huge difference.

I have the GF Plus. I can cut through 1/4 inch plywood with speed 125 and full power.

Hey there - plywood vendors make a big difference. I’ve gotten plywood that never cuts. Other plywood would cut until a certain point on the board and then stop - leaving a distinguishable line between the cuttable and the uncuttable. Fills, voids, knots, and different glues all create variables. These days I order my quarter inch from Woodpeckers. They are consistent for me. I usually set the speed between 118 and 125, depending, and the power is always 100.

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Thank you!!! I appreciate all the advise!

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