Cutting 3/4" wood

I need to cut a 3/4" mahogany wood, has anyone found successful settings for this?

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you won’t be able to cut 3/4" wood on a 40 or 45w laser cutter. even if you could do it with many passes, it will be a charred mess.


@shop is right.

That being said… There are some people who have done it. It won’t be easy. Here are a couple of links that might help.


Even if you had a plan that would cut 3/4" of any other wood Mahogany would go up in flames! I was able to cut 1/2" plywood once by first engraving it down a bit at a time but found a scroll saw did a better and quicker job. Trying that with Mahogany will start a fire as it is one of the most flammable woods you can use.