Cutting 3/8 basswood and 1/4 basswood

I bought 1/4’ Basswood and 3/8 Basswood at Joann’s Fabric to try cutting it. I ran 3 different lines. 1 pass, then 2 passes, and the last one 3 passes Here are my settings I got great results.

3/8" basswood 220/FULL/3 passes with manual focus .375i

1/4" basswood 220/FULL/2 passes with manual focus .125i

Here are photos of the 3/8" piece with the 3 cuts.

Happy lasering everyone. :smile:


Oh and I own the Glowforge pro is you’re wondering.

Yeah that’s necessary since the pro’s full is higher power than basic.

How much flashback did you see?

not really any at all

Did you try cutting all the way thru on the 3/8” basswood?

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Yes i did. It cut all the way. Now if its a straight line it didn’t have any issues but diagonal lines its just right there so sometimes i had to run a 4th pass.

Im going to run some more tests where each pass is going to be a different focal height


Great! Let us know how it goes. I’ve some hobby lobby basswood I can dimension down to 3/8”