Cutting a file so it will fit in aura

I bought a file off of etsy that is too big for my GF Aura. In one of the reviews of the item a woman said she cut the file in Illustrator to fit her Aura then glued those pieces together after making the cut. I have Illustrator but for the life of me cannot figure out how to do that. I am new to laser cutting so any help would be greatly appreciated.


You’ll have to set a cut point in the parts that are too big, decide how you want to create the join (puzzle piece shapes are popular) and get into the Pathfinder (boolean) tools to create the newly split parts. There isn’t a one size fits all solution - it all depends on the original files and your design/usage intents.


There are a bunch of Illustrator articles in the Tips and Tricks section:

This thread is talking about exactly what you’re doing - splitting a large cut into smaller sections, so it’s long, but reading through might give you a better understanding :slight_smile:


Thank you both!! I appreciate your guidance!


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