Cutting a simple circle?

I have a design that required engraving and a circle to be cut around the design. GF engraved the design perfectly, but the circle didn’t cut. I click on the element and it is set to cut, settings are the default. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for the help!

Nothing. If it is set to cut and the settings are correct, it will cut.

Did you watch the process to ensure the head followed the path of the circle? Can you share a screenshot?

It did the engraving first, even though the circle was before it on the left side. When I click on the circle it wants to do the whole thing over again. When I ignore the engraving, it states no artwork and won’t cut the circle.

I figured it out! Thanks elfguy! You just prompted me to look at a few things I was not paying attention to and finally got it to cut! Thanks so much!


Guessing your circle was not completely within the print area?

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Not sure. I just noticed in the upper right corner where it stated ‘no artwork was present’, it changed to ‘ready’ when I moved it around.

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Yup - when things turn to a dashed line it means they are not going to be done. There are also grey borders that show up when you’re clicked on an item that will show you your current work area (which changes based on action, and speed)


Good to know! Thank you! I have had my Pro for ten days now and sometimes feel like it’s all Greek! LOL!

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If you haven’t gone through the First Prints tutorial you definitely should - at the very least it translates a lot of the Greek :stuck_out_tongue:


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