Cutting a stack of cardstock

If you have decent-sized stock to start with, you should be able to do 10-30 at a time, which is not that bad.

The other thing I would do for a job like this is convert the cut to an engrave (just of the dark lines that make up your edges) That way the head moves at constant speed and you don’t get overburning in the tight corners. You still cut through, just one raster line at a time. (And with really complicated vectors I’ve found that the time can be comparable.)

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I don’t know about the fire, but your book burning just gave me an entirely new idea!!! :slight_smile:

Depending on the stack thickness and how fine the details, seems to me focus could be an issue because the beam diverges below point of focus

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Just engraved a vintage book of poems (to be used as a prop in photo shoots—or perhaps it becomes a cool gift idea as well)
A little issue with the book cloth wanting to pop off the book board – not quite sure how I will adjust for that, but very happy with the result overall

---- thanks for the inspiration @geek2nurse


It seems the accepted wisdom is that it is not best practice to cut stacked paper.

There have not been multiple documented examples of people testing this out with different parameters. My guess is that you could find a way to do it with certain conditions, most important, as folks have said, is making sure there are not gaps between layers that the air assist can riffle through and cause a flare up.

Try it with small stacks that are tight and watch carefully. Note what design parameters affect the outcome. So cutting a straight line X might give a different result than a Y axis cut. Cutting tight radii might make a difference.

And we might need to move this to Beyond the Manual.


FWIW, i think you just need to find the engrave level that doesn’t make it through the fabric. the areas that pop off are very small and there’s no way to have enough adhesive behind that to hold it on. or else you’ll need to use some sort of a coating over all of it, and i don’t think you’ll like that effect as much.

it looks pretty cool, though.


If you use a much lower power, you’ll get just bleaching of the fabric and it’ll stay put very nicely.

This one was a little too light, but you get the idea.

ETA: Every book is different, lots of cover-to-cover variation, and some with better adhesive than others. You may have better (or worse) luck just by using a different book.


Orrrrr I could just use my UV printer instead :joy::rofl:

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welp - that settles that…not really worth the risk

but I do want to add that construction paper is far different than cardstock. What I would be using would have a finish and much heavier weight.

I would totally use construction paper to start a bonfire.



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