Cutting and scoring is missing lines

My Glowforge pro is missing scoring lines on words and also missing some cut lines. It is random and is different in every cut or scoring job. How do I fix this problem?



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Are you making the project files or using premade files? Are you using PDF or SVG file formats? Are you using inkscape or a different program if you are making your own files? Also, when uploading, what browser are you using?


In addition to the questions already posed, a photo would be most helpful. If it seems like random error, it is going to be very hard to assist without quite a bit more information.

My experience is that the Glowforge reliably interprets the file. Most often, the file is the problem.


Also in addition to other things stated… Glowforge uses XOR logic when it comes to what it cuts/scores/engraves. This means that if there are any overlaps, those cancel each other out and become blank spaces. Make sure your lettering is “welded” or “joined” (terminology will differ based on what software you use to design it) so that you don’t have overlaps. And don’t draw things that overlap. Make sure those are joined as well.


thank you for such quick responses. I have used this file previously and have not had trouble with it. It is a svg file using illustrator. I am using chrome. While I was waiting I was looking in the troubleshooting section of print did not come out. I decided to clean the printer head, I saw a smudge of some sort. Cleaned it off and tried it again. So far so good. I am not sure if that was it, or if I just got lucky. But I am not going to complain.

Thank you again for the responses. I am still very new and this information is much appreciated.



I’m glad you resolved it @lorisnowden1!

I’m going to close this thread.

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