Cutting Basswood

I’ve been experimenting with engraving a 3/4” piece of basswood for a customer sign. My original plan was to engrave the sign lettering and a border then cut the sign down to size using a saw or other method. What I found was that, when I went to engrave the border to which I was going to cut the sign down to, the glowforge cut clean through in some areas. So, I began experimenting with doing multiple passes with different settings trying to get it to cleanly cut through. I had mixed results. Some areas didn’t cut through, some areas cut through fine and some areas cut through but with a lot of burning to either side of the cut. Anyone had any success cutting something this thick or should I go back to my original plan of scoring myself a guide of where I want to cut the sign and using a saw?

Thanks in advance,

Your testing is similar to what others have reported. Even 1/2" of most woods requires multiple passes with additional charring and widening kerf.

I think the saw is your best and quickest tool for 3/4" basswood.


I kinda figured that was the case. Just wanted to see if anyone had come up with a trick I hadn’t thought of.