Cutting board blanks on sale at Michaels


No idea if this is nationwide or just at the local stores but Michaels has blank beech-wood cutting boards in a variety of animal motifs on sale for $5 (50% off).



If you stop by Michael’s, the pretty commonly have an assortment of slate coasters and/or slate blanks that aren’t on the web site for a reasonable price. I picked up a 4 pack of these for $3.

Also, if you have a Ross in the area, they typically have bamboo cutting boards in assorted sizes for cheap cheap. I picked up a few for ~ $2/board, minimum 11"x8"or so.


Posted here before … but the Christmas Tree Shop has small bamboo cutting boards for $1/per.



Oh, yeah – every piece of slate I’ve worked came from there. :sunglasses:


I took advantage of that sale a couple weeks ago.


Saw those, and my local store just marked them down a little more to 60% off.
I almost bought some, but didn’t.

Did you pick any of them up?


Say, @bbum, can you tell me where in Michaels they keep those slate coasters? I’ve looked in my local store and can’t seem to find them. Thanks!


They might not be available at your store, but their website will check for the nearest store with them in stock.


It is kinda hit and miss. I typically find them in the section with the chalkboard and classroom blank stuff. However, they may also be in the kitchen items area. And, sometimes, there is a rack of random slate shapes – hearts, rectangles, etc… – on an endcap.

If you can find an employee, ask them. You might have to go through a few before you get a trail sign.

(Yes, I find trying to find anything in Michael’s to be more of a scavenger hunt than anything else)


I swear that’s intentional - that way you’ll wander every aisle and find other unplanned purchases to make :slight_smile:


Hi. what settings did you use? it looks great!


Speed: 700
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I went by there today to get some poster board and saw that these cutting boards are 60% off now.


Thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile: