Cutting board blanks on sale at Michaels

No idea if this is nationwide or just at the local stores but Michaels has blank beech-wood cutting boards in a variety of animal motifs on sale for $5 (50% off).



If you stop by Michael’s, the pretty commonly have an assortment of slate coasters and/or slate blanks that aren’t on the web site for a reasonable price. I picked up a 4 pack of these for $3.

Also, if you have a Ross in the area, they typically have bamboo cutting boards in assorted sizes for cheap cheap. I picked up a few for ~ $2/board, minimum 11"x8"or so.


Posted here before … but the Christmas Tree Shop has small bamboo cutting boards for $1/per.



Oh, yeah – every piece of slate I’ve worked came from there. :sunglasses:

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I took advantage of that sale a couple weeks ago.


Saw those, and my local store just marked them down a little more to 60% off.
I almost bought some, but didn’t.

Did you pick any of them up?

Say, @bbum, can you tell me where in Michaels they keep those slate coasters? I’ve looked in my local store and can’t seem to find them. Thanks!

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They might not be available at your store, but their website will check for the nearest store with them in stock.

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It is kinda hit and miss. I typically find them in the section with the chalkboard and classroom blank stuff. However, they may also be in the kitchen items area. And, sometimes, there is a rack of random slate shapes – hearts, rectangles, etc… – on an endcap.

If you can find an employee, ask them. You might have to go through a few before you get a trail sign.

(Yes, I find trying to find anything in Michael’s to be more of a scavenger hunt than anything else)


I swear that’s intentional - that way you’ll wander every aisle and find other unplanned purchases to make :slight_smile:


Hi. what settings did you use? it looks great!

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I went by there today to get some poster board and saw that these cutting boards are 60% off now.

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Thanks a lot for sharing. :slight_smile:

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