Cutting board burn

So how long is it safe to leave out the potato salad? :smile:


Coming in here MONTHS later.

I buy cutting boards, but I engrave the BACK side. I include warnings NOT to use the engraved side for cutting anything. Then I advertise it as a Cheese Board.


We digress, but…

4hrs if you just out the bowl out.

If you put the bowl in another bowl with ice & you can keep it below 41F you’re good for a week :smile: but you’re not realistically keeping it that cold in an ice water bath for a week.

But if you just out it out and leave it out for only a couple of hours you can safely put it back in the fridge and it’ll be good for leftovers for a week.

My wife was one of those “it’s been on the picnic table for an hour it’s going to poison us all” people :wink:

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Chuckle! It never lasts a week as leftovers, but I was curious…I’ll leave it out for an hour or so before refrigerating the remainder.

Good to know.

My wife would trash perfectly good potato or pasta salad because it was out for an hour or more. It drove me nuts because I like eating leftover salad - it’s better the 2nd day. I think the flavors mellow or something. Put a hard boiled egg in it and you’d think we were spraying it down with salmonella microbes :smiley:


Some things like that are best prepared a day (at least) ahead.

My chili takes three days, with two overnights in the fridge. I’ve tried to cut it to two, just wasn’t the same…


I had ONE rule when I started dating my hubs…

“You do NOT put the knife back into the mayonnaise jar after you smear it all over the meat on the sandwich.” :laughing:

We’re still working on it.


So I’m guessing sticking fingers in the jar is right out?


Perhaps only after you’ve licked them?


Only if you want to keep the fingers.

That would result in punishment of the highest order. (Have to go get another jar at the grocery and fight the soccer moms.)

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Our biggest rule is NO mayonnaise in the house :slight_smile:


My wife replaces the mayo after a couple of weeks in the fridge. She doesn’t eat much mayo (I always have to add more to the pasta salad) but she’s certain it can’t be good after 2 weeks. So we get small squeeze bottles now. No more quarts :slightly_smiling_face:

She was appalled when I showed my daughter the trick to great grilled cheese sandwiches - mayo on the bread before going in the frying pan. And my daughter now uses that technique religiously. Another mayo lover is born :pray:


I’m not a fan but I do keep it around and about once or twice a year I might buy “cold cuts” and make sandwiches with the bread I bake. My last bottle was a few years old and still tasted fine (for mayo…)

I do that too. And this is going to freak out a whole lot of folks, but if you want perfect creamy scrambled eggs, whisk in a small quantity of mayo (not milk or cream). It emulsifies better. (And mayonnaise is nothing more than emulsified fats and egg yolks.)


I’m going to have to give that a try. Although I typically eat them over easy (used to eat them sunny side up but that was another salmonella conversation :smile:).


anyone that likes mayo needs to get some of THIS

It’s japanese mayo. And it is amazing.


Not even Kewpie? :disappointed_relieved:

It is!!
But I learned the hard way you have to be careful, the American recipe isn’t as tasty as the Japanese formula.
(Out here World Market disappointingly carries American and Costco has original, strangely big difference!)


Aaaaah! Mayo was literally designed as a preservative. It’s good pretty much forever. If it ever turns clear you scrape off that part and the rest is good - the clear part is not bad for you, just less appetizing.


Everyone focuses on the egg content forgetting about the acid from the vinegar. But what are you gonna do? :man_shrugging:

I need to go find some of that Kewpie mayo…I keep seeing good things about it. (Just don’t have a Costco card.)