Cutting boards

Just a few cutting boards that I made.


Great job on these! :+1:

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The little mice are so cute! :grinning:

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These are beautiful. Love the diagram of the cow showing the different cuts of meat!

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The mice are very cute! My favorite!

Do you mind sharing what settings you used to create the first or second board?

You might try doing a search in the “Beyond the Manual” section – I think there’s been some discussion of cutting boards before, and that’s the only place we’re allowed to post non-PG settings. :slight_smile:


Are you able to share the settings you used? Thank you Kindly in advance!

I used 335 zooms, 20 Pews, and LPI of 270

Search on my name and it is under subject of Large engrave or some such. 2 hours 40 minutes for the one I did, or was it 3 hours. that day is such a blur now.

here is the link: Large engrave Result

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I actually just used the settings for basswood sd draft

Moving this to Beyond the Manual so the discussion of settings for non-PG materials doesn’t get the FNLs all riled up. :wink: