Cutting coin slots

I drew some coin slots in Corel draw when I upload it to Glowforge the slots only show up to be engraved. any help on how to change that?

An engraving is a raster file, the laser goes back and forth advancing a line at a time. To cut you need a vector which is a tool path. I don’t know Corel but there are others here who do. You might search YouTube for how to make a vector file in Corel.


Thanks. I had an Epilog but I sold it in 2018. In Corel you establish something as a Hairline and it designates it to cut. Im sure there is somebody who knows on here. Or I’ll have to find another way.

To me it sounds like the figure you uploaded was a filled vector rather than a raster. Closed vectors will default to engrave, but you can change them to cut. Did you try that?


I’ll give it a shot thank you