Cutting cork sheets from Inventables?

Has anyone had success cutting the sheets of thin cork from Inventables? Recent settings would be useful, plus any tips for protecting the surface while cutting (minimizing charring).



Well, not from Inventables but, the 3/32" (0.0938") cork I’ve been cutting has been at 400/100.


Thanks for the settings. The Inventables cork was 0.101" and took 3 passes at 400/100 (minimal charring). That’s some seriously tough cork!


Wow. 3 passes. To be fair, it’s probably superior cork. The stuff I’ve been using is a cheap roll from Michael’s. Turns rather brittle in not much time at all. Everywhere I’ve used it I’ve given away so I don’t know how it’s held up at all. But I do know whatever I have leftover becomes useless and I’ve just tossed it and gotten a new roll.


How long ago did you get the cork from Inventables? I can’t seem to find it on their website and the link to it from my GF email with my coupon didn’t work.

April, I think…

I asked about them restocking when I made my order of other things and got a reply they probably won’t be carrying the cork anymore going forward.

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