Cutting Cursive Words with Acrylic

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I want to make some gift tags for Valentine’s Day/Easter. However, I want to use 1/8" acrylic and cursive font. I’ve found when messing with a ton of different settings that I either get melted acrylic where the lines of the fonts are close or it doesn’t cut through all the way. Does anyone have any suggestions, or maybe you’ve had this issue before? I have tried to find thicker cursive fonts, but I’m still running into the same issue.

If you’re cutting out just the letters, the most important thing is getting the font thick enough to not be too fragile. That might take some work in your design program before you go to cut it.

@Jules did some tutorials for making a name pendant in a couple of different design programs that might give you some useful techniques. You’ll find them over in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section. :slight_smile:


Ha ha—read the title a bit too fast. At first I thought you were interested in cutting out curse words. :laughing:


I sure get how you thought that…funny!

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Acrylic is very standardized across the industry. As long as what you’re using is cast (and not extruded) then you should work with the PG medium acrylic settings and get you good results.

Nah, that’s a Christmas activity. All those flakes…

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I thought they would be really devastating," cutting curse words"

Thats why I went right to it…unfortunately :unamused:

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