tried the framed sunflower earrings and the sunflowers burn and fall off like the are getting cut and not engraved i am using the proof grade just starting so not sure how to handle this

Are you talking about these?

I haven’t downloaded that design, but if that sunflower design is defaulting to Cut, you need to change it to Score. There may be instructions for this file: go to the vertical 3 dots menu and click on Design Details to see.

yes those are the ones.i tried again and it was better but still lost a flower and a petal.thank you for your suggestion guess i will have to figure out how to cut down strength of laser maybe and just play with it.

I downloaded it to see, and I think there’s definitely a problem. The flowers are part of the “cut” step, even though the photo definitely shows them scored. And if you change the settings, the outline won’t get cut out.


Hmmmm, I see. It seems that more vetting of these designs before posting them was indicated. And the missing instructions should have been included as well.

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Hello @cynd11, thank you for letting us know about this! I’ve notified the team and a fix is in the works. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem recurs, go ahead and post a new topic.