Cutting issue- tried everything and no remedy

Hi, I am hoping for some suggestions to fix our current cutting issue. I am working w/ 1/8" HDF (which typically cuts through great on medium draft board setting). I have cleaned all optics (5 on laser head) overhead camera and left side mirror multiple times with no success. I have attempted different materials on our ‘normal settings’ utilized, ensure all x, y and z track accesses are moving freely and still not cutting. It will cut through on thick draft board but obviously not the best solution, given we’ve not had an issue for years using medium draft board. I also have tried different batches of the HDF to make sure that wasn’t the issue. We have 2 GF’s and we switched the printer heads, thinking that was the issue. Nope. I am truly at a loss of what else it could be.

If the other machine cuts fine (you can’t just change heads without running a calibration process) then it’s most likely the tube is failing. It had a 2-year life expectancy, although many of us have been fortunate to get much more…


To absolutely rule out material issues, print the Gift of Good Measure on Proofgrade material with Proofgrade settings and share your results.


I am running into the same issue, and now wondering if this is the root cause. Support has not been amazing in helping with this, so thanks for your posts.

If cleaning the optics doesn’t fix it, the next thing to do is clean the air assist fan.

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