Cutting Issues with GF Proof Grade materials

2 Issues:

  1. GF is not lasering where it’s supposed to - not just an alignment issue but cutting over and on top of images.
  2. Even though I am using the materials that were sent to me in my starter pack from GF (proof grade materials) it is not cutting all the way the board.
    Please help.

Can you share a photo of how far off it is printing compared to where the image was placed?

Have you cleaned the camera with an alcohol wipe recently? Sometimes a build-up of debris can affect how it aligns.

Yes did that.

I dont have a screen shot of the original lay out but none of them were overlapping. I have cut almost 100 of these ornaments. Just the last few days having trouble with it cutting all the way through. Then customize the settings and it chars the details and the ornament crumbles. So I clean and go back to standard setting and it won’t cut all the way through

There are several lenses that also need cleaning. If you’ve cut that many ornaments that’s probably what’s causing it not to cut through. The support site has a list of things that need cleaning.

For the overlaps—could the head or gantry have gotten moved while the machine was on? That causes it to lose track of where it was. Turning it off and back on again will fix it, if that’s the problem.

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I had a few instances of that and a thorough cleaning got it back to normal. You do have to clean everything, take off the laser head, get the lens out per instructions, clean and put it back together. Over time dust and smoke will build up and cause a little less power from the beam.

You can also just manually change settings and slow it down 5-10 points or bump the power up a bit if not already at full power.

I’m sorry about the trouble with your Glowforge. It looks like you have an email ticket open with us, and we’ve sent you a response with next steps on how to send us photos of your optics there, so I’m going to close this thread and we’ll continue to assist you via email.