Cutting Leather but Not Thicker Materials

Have an issue. The good news everything seems to operate, the fan, laser, etc I know this because of it print/cuts PG leather perfectly.

However, with any other material will cancel out after “Preparing Your Design”

Any advice? Thanks!

Is it the design itself? Have you tried using a :glowforge: design to see if you get a different result?


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry you aren’t able to print.

I’m looking into this, and I’ll update the topic as soon as I have more information.

My testing indicates it’s printing up to 99% power at various speeds but not a FULL 100%.

So in the case of proof grade, founders ruler test, PG Walnut requires 100% power so it quits the print job without an error.

Thanks Tom, I did try a GF design, and will again today, yes it aborts print without error at 100% but not at 99%, it does cut but proof grade settings don’t work that require 100%.Let’s see what support has to say today. I miss the machine. lol.

Wait… So you’re saying if you set to 100 or Full (which are two different settings, BTW, and not evaluated as a %) it just bails? But if you set to 99 or lower it works?!

If that’s the case, only Support will be able to get you going.

Thanks Tom, I never thought about setting it to 100% It bails on Full after “Preparing your Design”

Okay. Here’s what I suggest…

Using an official Glowforge design on :proofgrade: material, do a test on Full and note the result and time (w/ timezone) here so Support can examine logs.
Do the same test on 100 and note the result and the time as well.
Do the test at 99 and note the result and the time as well.

Thnx Tom- It’s resolved based on printing walnut. I left the GF on during the day while at work hoping for an update. Re-started when I got home and it’s printing normally now. Thank you GF if you quietly upgraded my firmware or something.

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Great! I’m so glad to hear it’s working normally now.

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.