Cutting leather from Peggy Sue Leather

Someone please tell me if you use leather purchased from Peggy Sue Leather to cut in your Glowforge? I have so much of it and want to make good use of it, but I want to know other’s experience with this…and if so, can you add a picture?

This isn’t exactly the response you were looking for - but generally speaking, if I don’t know the settings for something, I find the closest material, then do a tiny test print. Adjust the settings based on the results you get vs the results you need. :slight_smile: And I often just use a star as my test cut design because that works best for me with regard to making sure the corners cut just right.


I’m not familiar with that supplier, but you should avoid chrome tanned leather. The fumes are toxic. Look for vegetable tanned leather goods. I’ve cut/engraved them many times with great results.


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