Cutting Mat for fabric and paper?

I remember someone talking about a mat to put in lasers that has a bit of tack for keeping fabric and paper down while cutting. I can’t find that item for the life of me. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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What you are looking for is a Seklema Mat

It is sold in several webpages in different sizes. Hope it helps :wink:


“Seklema” - but it’s expensive for what it does unless you’re using it continually (items for sale). Repositionable adhesive spray on a sacrificial surface works just as well.


Amazing! Thanks guys!!


Done this when my sister wanted to buy a paper punch/cutter for paper leaves for decorations for her office. “You realise we have a laser @ home?” It came out awesomely. Use a clean t-shirt to moderate to stickiness of the spray, else it’ll rip.

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