Cutting non-proofgrade materials

As much as I try to use proofgrade, there are some materials I would like to use for certain projects but running into issues with the machine not cutting through. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Here’s where to start:

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Many people slow the cuts a few points or bump the power by 5. Proofgrade does have a guarantee to work with the settings GF provides.

If you email, explain the issue and provide pictures, they can help get you sorted.

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You might also check with the company you bought the materials from. They may be able to help with settings.

Also some gigs old experimentation could do it. Start with a PG setting you think is close to the same material and just start making speed/power Chaves until you get what you’re looking for. It’ll take some time and a little material but it should be good once you dial it in.

Wait, am I reading this right? Did you say you try to do PG but sometimes want to use non PG and that’s where you’re having trouble, or you’re having trouble with some PG? I somehow can read this both ways now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: