Cutting Out a Sign using the Premium text tools

Is there a way, using the premium text tools to have the uppercase letter that begins a word stay attached to the lowercase letters that follow? I am using one of the available script fonts and the outline feature.

I know how to do this in Inkscape but I was hoping that I could speed things up if I could stay in the Glowforge interface.


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Not yet that I know of. (It’s probably in the hopper, but I haven’t seen it announced.) For now, you’re better off sticking with the Union in Inkscape.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

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No problem! ( I had asked about it too.) :smile:


Actually, you can, assuming I understand your question - you just have to be a little creative…

Add a couple of “spacers” or “fillers” to connect the separated letters. Here I just used the “square” tool and resized/rotated to make suitable connectors (you could probably make them a lot more “natural” looking):

Create the outline using the Premium outline tool, obviously “select-all” those parts along with the letters:

Then delete those filler pieces (or set to ignore)…



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