Cutting out an image from an image

I have been working and working and working on getting this basketball cut out so that it fits within the “2” in Inkscape. When I use “Difference” Its’ deleting the whole ball along with the lines of the 2. Exclusion works, but then the outside of the ball is still there. Division removes the entire ball. Intersection removes the entire image except for the part of the 2 that intersects with the ball. Any suggestions?!

21 sample|500x415

So I assume you’re using inkscape, given the terms you’re using. Let us know if it’s inkscape or not and I’m sure someone can give you specific tips.

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Oh, yes, I’m sorry. I skipped that. I am in Inkscape.

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Ok so it’s not exactly clear what you’re trying to do. You want the ball completely within the number 2? Or you want the whole thing cut out?

Can you explain what you’re shooting for a bit more? The good news is that I think you’re pretty close. The unfortunate part is that I’m not quite sure what’s next.

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If you have an svg version you should be able to ungroup the pieces and then select the basketball and resize and move as you please.

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I want to remove the part of the ball that falls outside the “2” and then use union to connect what is left of the ball to the 2.

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So I am still not 100% sure this is what you are looking for but what you’re seeing is a part of the boolean actions.

What I would so is make a duplicate of the 2, and then do the intersection of the 2 and the ball.

That would leave you with the portion of the ball inside the 2. it destroys the 2, but since this was a copy you’re left with the original and the inside ball shape, and you can continue.

Here’s a really simple example.

Your “2”, in green, the ball in red:

Duplicate the “2” with a copy/paste:

Snap the second “2” into the first:

Select one of the "2"s and the ball, then do “intersection”:

That intersection destroyed your second “2”, so if I pull the shapes apart you can see what’s left – the original “2” and the intersection of the ball.

That get you headed in the right direction?

If I had it backwards, you do the exact same thing but you do an exclusion or difference to get the opposite effect on the ball:

pulling them apart:

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Thank you! I will go give it a try!

Is this what you meant?