Cutting out script using outline

i am making a wedding cake topper for a friend and having issues
how do i get the inside of the letters that are closed to outline so it will cut out inside the enclosed letters like inside the a and o in cursive? I get the outline on the outsides ok but the insides are not outlined

Use a real design app. Illustrator, Inkscape, Affinity. You can’t do that in the GF UI.

thanks for the help . i really think that should be something that the ui can do so i dont have to use other apps to do. how often do they fix things on the ui

and how can we suggest changes?

Via email, which is on the “Support” page.

This was requested years back when the outline feature was first introduced.

thanks for the info

my handwriting skills are bad I was thinking of the trace feature cause you can highlight the parts you don’t want maybe I will make a black line drawing print it and then use the trace function

The trace function uses the lid camera which is low resolution. It’s designed for copying things like kids’ artwork drawn with crayons to make simple keychains or similar trinkets. That said, other than the material, it wouldn’t hurt to try and see how it works out.

got a question i havew done it in inkscape changed it to stroke erased all the intersections where the letters combine so it wont cut them out saved it as an svg but when i import it into the GF UI it puts the intersections that i erased back in how do i fix this

I don’t use Inkscape but I think you need to weld / combine the letters, not erase where they intersect.

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so how do i weld?

and can i do it in the GF UI?

I can’t tell you how to weld in Inkscape since I don’t use that app. I’ve read others posts about it, though. You cannot do it in the GFUI. Someone else here in the forum will most likely be able to help you with Inkscape.

thanks for your help

I use inkscape but I really don’t understand what you are saying. Perhaps if you could share the file? Send to me privately if you prefer?

Select the text you’ve created with the text tool, then in the top menu:

  1. Click “Path” then “Object to Path”
  2. Click “Object” then “Ungroup”
  3. Click “Path” then “Union”

This will result in “welded” text, where all the letters are connected as a single path with no overlapping outlines.


Thanks for both of your help I learned something and that’s always good

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Yes, that is another badge we should give out on this forum. Learning how to combine paths, especially for text. Glad you figured it out.

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