Cutting paths running multiple times

I’ve noticed that a lot of my self made designs are cutting the same path multiple times. I don’t know why. I’ve always created my stuff in AI and I’ve verified the number of layers match up to the number of items shown.

My latest creation is simple. 6 circles in a 6" rectangle. Everything cut out twice. The only thing that was cut and pasted were the circles. I’l upload the file so someone can check it out, but I’m at a loss. bottom

That’s almost always a duplicate line directly underneath. I’m not on the right computer to check, but if you select an individual node and drag it off to the side - see if there’s a 2nd line hiding underneath

Objects can create them, or tracing for sure. They seem to happen more often than not :-/


In inksacpe I turned off “fill” and enabled the “stroke” to see the paths. Then I see two paths on either side of your “lines”. The paths are what the Glowforge uses to cut. :sunglasses:


I will usually check the file in "outline"mode, and zoom way in to be sure. In Inkscape it’s "View>outline, or hotkey of control+5.


Remember also, that the Glowforge interface does not interpret the layers as separate operations, only different colors. For all intents and purposes you may as well flatten the design. If you want the internal circles to cut before the outer perimeter, for example, you need the stroke to be a different color.


Thanks for the answer @lightner, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have another question, go ahead and post a new topic.