Cutting phone screen protector

Has anyone ever cut a phone screen protector? I can’t find an SDS, but the needed cut is so tiny, I’m really not worried about it. The one I have on my phone ever so slightly covers the infrared sensor for face recognition, I cut it crudely with some nail clippers when I installed it while on a mini vacation, but I have a spare, and the edges of just started to lift a little in places after five years, so I figured let’s do it right before I install the spare.


Some phone screen protectors are gorilla glass, which wouldn’t cut at all. If it’s the glass type, you might be able to get it to crack in a controlled way, like a score and snap process?

Without the SDS I think we’re going to be guessing. Maybe ask the manufacturer?

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Not glass, just a plastic film. Can’t find anything official but I’ve found references to it being PET, which many are made from.

Just looking for a good starting point for settings. Don’t have spare to test on first.

You have the old one?

Don’t want to remove it unless the new one is cleanly cut with no raised edges that would cause it to lay perfectly flat. So, yeah, I’d thought of that but can’t risk it.

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Cut a template with something like BB, then lay it on top and use a utility knife to cut the shape?


Your laser cut will have raised edges around the cut on both sides. I would use a hole punch.

I have cut PET and it worked OK, but left a burr on both sides of the cut.


That’s what I wanted to know, thanks.

A hole punch would seem logical, but I am only needing to remove about 1-1.5mm. I have tried to use a punch to nibble at the edges of material before, and it generally didn’t work because the punch relied somewhat on a large amount of material to support itself. If it was a straight cut, I have many options including three different guillotines, two are scissor-action.

It’s for an iPhone XS Max, which has these cameras/sensors/etc.:

This is the protector. It looks like it should work fine but face recognition did not work.

When I took this pic., I discovered I have two more, not one. I am going to try something different first - install a new protector shifted down about 1mm. Right now, the one that is installed is perfectly centered on the glass, but it’s flat by at least that much all the way past the edges, so I think I can get away with it. I may even shift it just a little to the left as well, as it’s really just the IR camera that is causing the issue.


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