Cutting pre-painted wood?

Anyone have thoughts about cutting pre-painted wood? Painted by me, not some random paint from something I bought, but something I painted… say with a rattle can or something? Or maybe acrylic paint?

Many people on here do…I personally have been painting my own wood and laser cutting it for over 18 years…


Any special considerations? Do you use specific paints? Have you done any verification on the paints that they do not contain harmful chemicals? Rattle can spray paint? Acrylic?

I only use acrylics but many have used rattle cans… Most paint is fine once it’s dried…

No major problems here. Make sure it’s completely dry, especially if you need to mask it. (Matte finish will likely need masking more than glossy… as the burn marks should wipe off of the glossy.)


What do people use to mask on top of pre painted wood? I am trying to avoid the burn marks on white cuts.

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I haven’t used a good one yet. My normal masking (Vinyl Expressions paper transfer tape) doesn’t stick well to unfinished, or matte painted wood. It does “okay,” but not great. I also haven’t sought out anything else. I usually paint after cutting.

I’m sure others will post up with their favorites. There are several masking materials threads around.

This might be an occasion to try a thin coat of liquid mask. No clue about the toxicity when lasered, but if it’s made of liquid rubber latex maybe it has similar odor results to those making rubber stamps on their Glowforges?

I use “medium” tack masking. You do need to sand the painted surface, and wipe it down so that is smooth and clean enough to stick.