Cutting problems since upgrade to Premium

A few days ago, I upgraded to premium since the free trial was about to end. It might be coincidence but since then I have been having trouble cutting wood all the way through using settings that previously worked great. I have only had my GF a couple of weeks and was using unspecified material at the time so I figured my settings were slightly off. However, when it continued even when using Proofgrade materials, I began to suspect that something else was going on. I cleaned my machine per the instructions on the site even tho I certainly haven’t used it 40 hours yet but that didn’t help either. Material cuts, just not quite all the way through requiring a second pass on both 1/8 and 1/4 material. I know now not to move my material until I check the cut but wasted several pieces of material assuming that it had cut through when it hadn’t. What should I do to get back to being able to make cuts cleanly on the first pass?

Make sure you’ve cleaned all seven of the locations listed for cleaning your optics – that’s the most common culprit. The Premium services don’t have any impact whatsoever on cutting. :slight_smile:

I did as you suggested and cleaned all the lenses again. I was hopeful when PG draft board cut in one pass although I had to work it a little to get it out unlike how it normally just drops through. However, once I went back to my whiteboard/chalkboard material I was right back to not cutting all the way through even with 2 passes. I’m trying different settings and doing test cuts now but not having much luck.

Check to make sure no little bits have wedged in the honeycomb tray that could be keeping your material from sitting flat…otherwise we might have to wait for support to get here, They’ll probably want to see front and back photos of the Gift of Good Measure on PG draftboard.

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Thank you so much for the courtesy of your replies! The GF community was one of the big reasons I chose the GF and y’all haven’t let me down yet. Fortunately, trial and error ruled the day and I found new settings that are working well again. I was able to finish my project so I am once again a happy camper. Thank you again for your help. It is very much appreciated!


Thanks for the help @geek2nurse! I’m glad you resolved it @sdwhizz! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!

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