Cutting proofgrade... just wondering

hey gang.

was helping my daughter with a project, will post a video later on. too stupid to not think of that sooner. sheesh.

at any rate. I needed some blue disks cut out. I pulled out a BETA proofgrade piece of blue medium acrylic. it was interesting that the sticker wasn’t recognized, it is so old.

I selected the Medium acrylic proofgrade settings to cut out the disks. the intersting thing was that it cut the disks but did NOT cut the backside masking paper. i had to “pop” out the disks.

my question is… so when cutting the proofgrade acrylic it burns the whole way through NOW right? or is it set to just barely cut through?

kinda sad that I have had BEAMER for so long and just now using that piece of arcrylic.



In my experience the settings are optimized for just enough to cut through. Not cutting through the mask on back is a little too conservative.
Support has the ability to adjust settings on specific machines though.


I wondered. thanks for the reply.

this was “beta” proofgrade. I didn’t measure it, let it autofocus.

I will just slow it down slightly next time I use that.

I am finally getting to use BEAMER some. it is glorious. :slight_smile:

cut a small panel to cover the control panel for my pool heater that was just replaced. I figure the sun beating on the ribbon buttons did NOT do it any favors. gonna paint it and slap some magnets on here so it “sticks” to the mounting screws.


I get that result (acrylic cut but not the paper) fairly often. I like it for the most part.

What I do not like is acrylic not cut, paper not cut. Who does?


That’s my goal when adjusting settings—IMO when it cuts the material but not the back masking it’s perfect.. :blush:


yep that sure makes sense. I will have to take care and notice that going forward, now that I can actually fire up BEAMER these days.


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