Cutting thick material from two sides

Can we get a video of cutting thicker material from both sides, and see how well the cuts line up?

Good question! We’re running off the lidcam right now and don’t have final PCBs for the headcam which we need for the 5 mil accuracy you want, so we’ve only demonstrated the components separately (alignment, laser, etc) to prove out feasibility of double sided cutting. TLDR: Not yet.

What will you be aligning with if the first cut doesn’t go all the way through?

The corners of the material. We use the lid cam to identify them and send over the head. Then we instruct you to flip along the logitudinal axis and repeat the process.

Assumes non-circular stock, of course. : )


Thanks for the response Dan. Hoping to use this machine to make plaques for our RC club next year. I just finished cutting this years plaques over the weekend on my CNC mill. The setup, and cad work to do 9 plaques was time consuming. And from what I have seen on the Glowforge, the setup time would be very quick. It might take a little longer to engrave and cutout with a laser, but when you factor in the setup time for such a short run I believe it will be quicker in the end.

Totally - setup is one place we really shine at, and it makes everything else so much easier.

I fly foamies and other odds and ends at Marymoor sometimes in Seattle; where’s your club?

I was joking with my friend that if I had a laser cutter, we would be done by now once I finally had the setup finished.

Our RC Club is a RC Rock crawling club based in MN.


RC Crawling is some serious fun! I have only just begun to dream about what I will be making for my rigs with the glowforge…
I can’t wait to see what you come up with too!