Cutting thin rubber on top of a steel plate

I’m cutting .45mm rubber. Another latex designer friend recommended I cut on top of a piece of steel for easy clean up as rubber tends to “melt” with lasers.

I have a piece of 14gg steel sitting on top of the honeycomb, and then I have my .45mm rubber on top of the steel. Do I need to account for the height of the steel in addition to the height of rubber? If yes, do I just add the two heights together?

I’m finding that depending on the speed/power, its not always cutting all the way thru the rubber and I’m not sure if the height of the steel has anything to do with it.

Glowforge can’t provide support suggestions for non Proofgrade materials - too many variables. But you can find some speed and power starting suggestions in the Beyond the Manual section. Just do a search for “rubber” and “settings”. Several people have cut rubber successfully.

Yes add the two heights.


Yes, enter total height in material height for precise placement. Might not be neededfor focus if the scan picks it up correctly. But doesn’t hurt to measure total thickness and enter in the focus under manual settings.


Yes, I know. I was more inquiring about additional heights of materials affecting how the laser cuts, rather than how to cut my material.

Thank you everyone for your replies :slight_smile: