Cutting TrophyFlex?

Has anyone here used TrophyFlex? I’ve gotten a sample but I haven’t tried cutting it. Does anyone know if the GF can cut it?

You should be able to vector cut it with the :glowforge:. According to the website at least :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I drove up to Johnsons Plastics on Monday - should have picked some up… But I think I have some sample kits of it as well - let me know how it goes (Or if I dig up my samples, will try) Wish I had all the settings down for the various Rowmark products and other non-:proofgrade: material.

OH and obviously you can engrave and mark it with laser as well- per the website.

I am able to cut it. I ran it at 100 power and 350 speed and it zoomed right through it.