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I get it from a local lumber yard – not Home Depot or Lowe’s, but one of the sorts that carries higher quality hardwoods and stuff. They actually call it “Russian birch” at the one I go to, but the quality is consistent and the Baltics are in Russia, so whatever! :wink:

Oh, gotcha… Maybe I will check with the local lumberyard and see if they carry anything like that. I live in Po’dunk, so it is slim pickin’s for me. I really wish I could just find something I could order online and keep on hand.

I’m sure you can order it online. A forum search might turn up some sources. :slight_smile:

I’ve got some Ochooch samples coming today. I’m hoping this is going to be my saving grace! :slight_smile:

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Amazon :slight_smile:

I also get it in full sheets from Woodcraft (there are a couple within 20 miles of me).


Did somebody miss the 90s?


Oh, yeah… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: People keep changing stuff, and it’s hard for my brain sometimes. I still think of Pluto as a planet, too.

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Also Etsy, Boulter Plywood, and probably other plywood supply stores.

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I’m in the same boat as you, the only places that even came up were Home Depot and Lowes. Then, I decided to look into Cabinet supply companies. The ones that sell to cabinet makers. I found a localish company and when I walked in I saw ZERO plywood or sheets. I waited in line and chanced it anyway, asking “do you have actual sheet wood here?”. They stared at me for a minute then walked me behind the register and through a small door and behold sheets and sheets. Even in that small space, they had everything from (what they call) 1/8" which was more like 1/16" do to all the cost savings that happens these days, all the way to 1.5". You could select finished on both sides, finished on one side, unfinished. I think I paid $21 for almost 1/4" finished one side. Then I took it home and cut it into nearly 20" x 12" sheets and got 12 full sheets and 4 semi sheets. I found one small void in all the edges I cut.

What I will say is that PG is worth what they ask, if you need to pull it out of the box and cut. If you’re willing to work a little and have some place to cut down the sheets, it can be a massive savings to do it yourself. I now have plenty of wood to do my experimental cuts on and don’t feel like I’m wasting expensive material. Also, they sell veneer there, so perhaps I’ll try my hand at making some Walnut Plywood.

Edit: This is the stack of GF sized sheets I cut from that one. Lightly sanded the rough edges after this but they don’t really matter if you’re careful about splinters since edges will all be waste.


Great find. Hadn’t thought of a cabinet supply house. :grinning:

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That’s where Baltic Birch was intended to go to be used :slightly_smiling_face: Cabinetmakers don’t usually make things in 4x8ft dimensions which is why BB is 60in (5’). And they don’t want to have to work around patches so B/BB grade has patches (limited in number) only on one side. It’s used for backing & sides a lot - especially for slide-in types of cabinetry.


Yes it looked exactly like the inside of cabinets I remember doing many years ago. Like exactly, same finish and all. That’s what gave me the thought to check there. I just thought I’d share that since so many of us are not located near a lumber yard (well, not anymore…one thing I miss living in TN for that short stint!)


I’d hazard most real lumber yards are long gone thanks to the two big box boys.

I expect you’re right. They’re still out there but not nearly as many. A friend of mine had one that was the family business for 100 years. Ended up not being able to keep making a go of it as the Home Depot and Lowes opened up. It was the commercial customers who left that hurt the most - they were consistent steady volume buyers that stopped using him for most common wood and there wasn’t enough demand for the stuff the big box stores don’t carry to let him turn a profit.

But we also have a great specialty wood place near that is an incredible resource - just can’t support as many of those independents as we used to.

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