Cutting Velcro (hook/loop) with Glowforge

Is it safe to cut Velcro with the Glowforge? I am trying to make leather patches with Velcro and hand cutting the Velcro in the shapes of my patches have not come out well. If it is safe, does anyone have settings?

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If you do a “Search,” there are several good posts about cutting Velcro with the Glowforge. I’ve not cut it yet myself, but there is a lot of good info in those posts, including the first one that pops up, as it mentions using it on leather patches.


It cuts great but like all non proof grade things you may have to tweak the numbers depending on specifics.

I use 425/98 for standard velcro with the 3M adhesive. You’d need to back it off some for no adhesive.

Velcro brand is 100% nylon, check your MSDS if you want to use a off brand.