Cyber Punk 2077’s Night City Subway Map Light Box

Hey Everyone!

When Geeks Craft back with a new map! This one is a little different. The game is CyberPunk 2077 and there is only a trailer out for it so far. In that trailer they show a subway map that is ‘broken’. I wanted to recreate that.

It is made with three pieces of 1/8th inch Acrylic that have three Led Strips next to them. It was coded on an Arduino Nano to have randomized a flicker effects that can be seen in this video -

I really wanted it to seem ‘broken’ but still beautiful. Each acrylic panel was hand painted and the back was poured from Alumilite Clear Cast Resin to imitate the Monitor. The frame is made of MDF but covered in Walnut Veneer. I wanted to hide the finger joints on this box. Finally, I lined the box with brass rods to add a touch of color. I am so happy with how it turned out.

Thanks everyone! Have an awesome day!

Nicole C

When Geeks Craft


Oooh absolutely love this. You did a great job especially with that painting…

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The three layers of acrylic are amazing! Kinda makes my brain hurt watching it flicker though. :laughing:

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