D&D Airship from Storm King's Thunder Version 2.0

I posted this in the Made on forum, but I was going to post it here too once done. Then again, I figured I post what I have and let people make what they want of it.

I need bigger magnets for starters, but it can hold that model so 4 to 6 D&D figures should be able to be on there no problem as it is now.

Magnets are 1/8" x 1/16". I also plan on extending the supports under the platforms for more support if I keep the same size magnets.

After gluing the magnet in place, the stability is still not great. It can’t even hold a 1 lb weight. I might end up connecting the struts so they don’t push apart. I am still working with the same magnets since that is what I currently have. i am welcome to any suggestions to help make this better.

The front struts need to be longer on the top unless the top layer’s dimensions are redone.
I attached the struts on the bottom with some extra draft board and it can hold at least 2 pounds of weight. I added pennies to the bottom back of the top layer as a counter balance until the dimensions are fixed and I add magnets.

Thank you.

Design updated 6-17-2020
Added Ballista and Harpoon Gun and changed the struts to go under the play area for increased stability and weight the play area can hold.


Neat looking, thank you for sharing!


Very kind of you to share. Thank you!


Thanks for sharing! Very helpful!

A year and a half ago I started this campaign…my players ended up unleashing the 10 plagues of Egypt in abomination form and now the giants are long since forgotten. Night stone has burned to the ground, in fact every city except for one has met with a dire fate shortly after the party has left it…that is for the airship!

I’d love to play in your dungeon!

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