D&D - Baldur's Gate Map - Laser Cut on Maple and Hand Painted

Hey Everyone -

I just finished making this map of Baldur’s Gate from Faerûn’s Sword Coast (D&D Campaign Setting).

It is laser cut out of Maple plywood, clear acrylic, and cherry veneer. The map is held together with Brass Chicago screws. I hand-painted the map to try to achieve the shading that the original map had. I also hand-painted in every building and poured resin for the river. I think it turned out surprisingly good. To thank everyone who has supported us throughout 2020 we decided to make this map and give it away on our YouTube channel for the holiday season -

Thank you!

Nicole C.
When G


Awesome, great job…

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Wow! Looks fantastic that is a labor of love

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Your maps set the standard for everybody!


Amazing work as always

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WANT…already entered your giveaway before even scrolling this far, I love Baldur’s Gate that much.
Looks incredible.

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Incredible detail, Love it

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Wow…that is amazing!