D&D live game storage

I’m working on prototyping put a new box with trays I am planning on selling. This is box A with configuration A, standard dice tray and mini holder.
Feedback is appreciated

I have a slightly different type of box setup for box number 2, considering using 1/4th Baltic birch for that one to see how that plays out in comparison to the 1/8th stuff used here.


I like it, I’ve never actually played so not sure what’s required as far as spaces. If I were to do anything, it might be to make the dividers moveable with a layer of slots on each end, and tabs on the divider piece (a quick example below of what I’d be talking about, and probably just the one divider in the big tray, but the smaller one could be doable). You could also mount a piece of acrylic, clear or white, to the underside of the lid as a dry erase board, just to add a little more functional value. Aesthetics-wise, I think it looks great!

How does it feel? Particularly when it’s loaded full, if it feels flimsy or like it might not hold together, then the 1/4" would probably be better, at least for the outer box part. But if it still feels sturdy and solid, then going thicker might just add weight and cost.

Great job, can’t wait to see the next one!


I need to try something with hinges like this. The box looks great.


I like it. I need to do something like that for the ornaments I have on my interchangeable designs. Just haven’t done it yet. You give me inspiration.


That’s very cool!

I’d suggest a way to keep it closed, a sub-lid for the dice section so that when someone stores it on its side the dice don’t rattle around - plus it would give a DM a flat writing surface behind the upright lid :slight_smile: and I might also suggest a pressure clip on the underside of the lid so a DM could hang a piece of paper (with enemy stats, or lists of encounters, or whatever) - maybe even 2 of them.


The dm screen is still in the designer phase, this is more of a players storage but I like the ideas!

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Yeah, just gave me an idea for something. I’d tell ya, but there’s no guarantee I’ll ever try it.


Now I’m curious what the idea is :smiley:

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:pensive: would you believe I forgot to write it down before bed and forgot it? Gonna have to reread the thread.

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