D&D map geeks, you'll dig this

I downloaded the beta for this a while back, it’s really cool. I see they have a full version now, so I guess it finally released. I may have to pick this up.


Sample map:


Hey, I really like this! Thanks!

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Aww man. I wish I was DMing right now, so I could justify getting new toys like this!

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I hear ya, I’m a player in 2 games but DMing none right now.

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Does anyone want these?

My former neighbor, a used book seller, gave them to me in a box full of old comic books. I don’t play, but I feel bad tossing them into the recycle bin.
Free with local pickup, or free plus shipping.

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We have D&D at our house on friday nights. I don’t play I am but a serving wench.


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