Dalek Marquetry - Laser (not) Made


That looks fantastic, @sevenless!

I would suggest maybe using a different font, though.


This got me thinking about combining complicated auto-generated vectors with simplified clean shapes.
So on your project, combining the original vectorized Dalek image that you made with this simplified “clean version”. Using the clean version to to raster-engrave at a mild power setting to ‘brown’ the wood, then going back and vector-tracing the original lines at a higher power to make black lines (but not cut through).
Using the clean version to cut, twice, from contrasting wood colors, fitting them together, and then going back with the vector-trace on a “high/black-mark” power setting.
You could maybe end up with something like this:


That’s such a good idea. You could get some really nice effects by etching sketchier designs over other things.


I know this is an old thread, but I was searching the forums for marquetry tips, saw the Dalek, hadn’t really done much with paper yet, so I changed plans and tried some paper layering. :slight_smile:


Oh, very nice!

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