Damaged Glowforge on arrival

I just received two boxes (of the three that were shipped). Tracked progress entire way. Said three out for delivery.

Only two arrived.
The machine box is badly damaged and I hear a lot of movement sounding like metal on metal in the box. One handle is completely missing, box is opened on bottom and a huge rip in the side. It was packed on its side in truck. Arrows say to store differently.

What do I do? He wouldn’t allow me to sign nor note the damage because of social distancing

The third missing box is my air filter. This is a consistent problem with fedex when they are shipping multiple items under 1 master tracking number.

There has to be a better way to ship. For $7000 I did expect to receive a well packaged damage free box AND contents. The box is much too heavy for one person to carry due to its size and there is only one delivery driver on a truck. I have stairs up to my building so it still sits outside.

I do not want to start off with a brand new machine where parts have been jostled around in shipment And need to be reconnected. Always has been a recipe for disaster in my experience. It appears the forum is the only way to communicate?

I need replacement on my pro machine and need my air filter. ( Also a box in good shape to be able to save in case I need to send back For repair)

If there is a better way to get this done more efficiently, please let me know. I posted to forum as it said most questions can be resolved here. Thanks all. And very disappointed with problems before I even get to unpack and set up.

This one unfortunately is not one that can be resolved on the forum. You are going to need to work that out with Glowforge support.

They will contact you about what needs to happen via email since it deals with your personal information, and we don’t see that.

What you can do to speed things up is take photos of the damage that you see and either post them here on the forum so they see it when they check for new threads, or send them to support in the email when they contact you. (Going to save time if you post them here and they see it up front. They might suggest that you open the box and check for interior damage before replacing it.)

Getting these set up for return and replacement takes time to arrange, so don’t expect immediate responses…it’s usually several days for them to contact the factory and see if another machine can be put together for you and shipped.

Sorry you had a bad shipping experience…they have been a lot less frequent lately, but they do sometimes happen still.

Posting here has opened a ticket with support, so they will take care of it.

Note that in future you can simply refuse delivery for packages that are visibly damaged.

Thanks. I tried that but he said it was already off his truck. I know it’s a fedex and driver issue. They happen far too often in my area at least. Ironically he showed only two packages and I got a text from fedex all three were delivered! I contacted support as well. I received an email soon after I posted.

Thanks. I sent info to support as well with some photos.

I had mine held at the UPS depot instead of having it delivered. When I got there, it was leaning against the wall on its short side. Coolant had leaked - didn’t discover that for a year or so - but machine has been reliable for almost three years now.

I know it’s frustrating, but there simply are no practical alternatives for delivery.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.