Damaged goods

I don’t mind being " Thank you so much for reaching out! We hate auto-email, but wanted you to know that we got your message and have assigned it ticket #90917 but I dot this delivered this afternoon buy UPS.


Wow. That’s smashed. Haven’t seen shipping damage like that for a while. I hope the turn around is fast for you.


Sorry to see your damage. Don’t worry because Glowforge will get you a new unit very quickly. They are really speedy with replacements. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh man…I can only imagine your disappointment. I’m so sorry. As has been said though, they will replace it very quickly.


Geez. That’s a mess.


Just a suggestion, but if you see damage on your shipment while the UPS guy is present, he can ship it back for you.

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Wow, that is really bad. The most i ever had was missing cardboard where the handles are located. UPS delivered both of mine standing on end. Last one had four other boxes on top of it in the truck…

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@acreavy, I’m so sorry to see this! We’ve reached out via email with detailed next steps. If you have any questions, please let us know there.

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