Damaged On Delivery

Received my new GF. Box is intact without signs of damage. Unboxed my machine and when removing the tape from the front of the lid and the handle was not secured . Only thing holding it in place was the tape. The cords from the lights are attached making the handle just dangle. Noticed one small spot of what seems to look like glue on the glass portion of the lid but nothing else that would hold the handle in place, no fasteners or clips. Disappointed that I’m dead in the water on a $6000 machine. Need Support Assistance Please!

What a bummer…I’m so sorry! Just curious…I notice two screw holes on the handle itself. Are there by any chance a couple of loose screws floating around inside the Glowforge? Support will see your post and be along to help you.


I didn’t finish unboxing after taking off the front tape and opening the lid. Although one of the hole lines up with the small glue-ish spot. It doesn’t look like it has fasteners as the holes on the handle don’t go all the way through.

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I think that the best thing is to pack it back up as you will be sending it back right away, unless you are willing to just ad a bit of CA glue to put the handle in place. I ended up having issues like that where I made do on my first machine but had it exchanged just before the warranty ran out when a less user fixable problem came up. That way I got the replacement in January and not early November. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have mixed feeling on this. It’s a new machine so on one hand I feel like I shouldn’t have to make do. But I also don’t want to wait any longer or get a refurbished replacement. I’m hoping to hear back sooner rather than later from GF.

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Everyone that has had a problem that needed replacing the machine has had that dilemma. However, a fair number of machines have had such problems early on, if not like yours then often due to something they do not understand, and there is nothing wrong with the machine they sent back, and it seems a better policy to replace than to argue. You can often tell when they are complaining they have received three replacement machines and they all have the exact same problem.

The machines are heavily tested before going out and then when received back tested again and tested especially for the reported problem, and then tested again before going out. I suspect they will be testing that front lip more now that yours had a problem. So if you get a refurbished machine it will be more heavily tested than a new one and everything fixed that they could find so the machine you get back will usually be better than the one you sent back (that will have the lid properly glued back and sent as a referb to someone else :upside_down_face:) so I would rather buy a referb now than new as they rarely have much time on them, and have been better tested in ways no expert could think of.

Hello @gonzalezv_1 It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone today. I’m glad we could get this taken care of for you. I will go ahead and close this forum thread to mitigate any confusion. Thank you!