Damn wind killed my grill :-(



I think your booster fan is a tad overpowered.


Yep! That’s breezy. :neutral_face:


Or perhaps you have a really angry ghost. :ghost:




Looks similar to what’s going on out my window too.


at least you still have power. i’m traveling in florida for work (well… and now staying for a little spring training this weekend). my wife lost power at 3am and still doesn’t have it back yet.

she’s not particularly happy with me because these kinds of things only seem to happen when i’m traveling in the winter and she’s home alone.

we’ve had furnace problems 3 times and lost power twice while i’ve been gone.


Well, as long as the Traeger is still OK… but, if the wind gets that too, they do have the new Timberline models that are wi-fi cloud enabled so you can control it from anywhere via phone app. :slight_smile:


@jbmanning5 and @tim1724. You know when people type LOL but they are maybe just smirking, I genuinely LOL’d. Thank you both for making my wish come true, even if by proxy.