Dan at MakerCon

Wow. @dan is a true entrepreneur. Its inspiring to hear his story. If you plan on becoming an entrepreneur you should watch it.


Very nice! Is there a story behind how you came up with the name “Hugo” for your garage laser? @dan

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Absolutely epic, loved every millisecond of it. @dan how on earth are you so charismatic? If I hadn’t already decided to buy on of your GFs already this would have sold me on your vision, wicsh I could afford to buy 2 or a Pro but hopefully the GF itself will “make” me the the money to buy a Pro and then I can have 2! I know if I was in the US I easily could get to that price just at this stage with shipping and tax the UK price is not quite as much of a steal, but still the best price around for the minimal limitations that you get.(the whole reason I didn’t buy a Chinese death machine last year, which I would have super regretted when I saw yours! was the amount of limitations that I was effectively paying for, plus they are super ugly and this is going in my house)

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