@Dan offer this kid an internship!



@Dan, get this kid an internship at GF or at least contact him (that would make his day I am sure)



Wow, just wow. And fire that judge.


I’ll never see Star Wars in the same way again…

“Thanks to this project, I can no longer watch Star Wars without cringing a little at some of the costume choices. Why would anyone wear black when facing laser fire? Why do the laser specialists in the Death Star wear black? Why do most of the good guys wear dark colors too? How do stormtroopers ever get hit in reflective white armor? How does the Death Star laser hit…anything?”

I like this kid, lots. :slight_smile:


Impressive project! He’s going to go far. Even the disappointing science fair experience didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for the project and future works.


Wow! He is amazing! I love this – although that judge should be booted from ever doing anything like that again.


Here’s to him learning that he did not fail one bit! He succeeded on every important level. The ribbon might be nice, but an article in Make Magazine is a prize that can’t be topped!


Maybe it is the black coating on our crumb tray? #GlowWars


I hope the kid is smart enough (and it seems he is) to realize that being told that he didn’t do the project himself is a higher honor than winning.


Don’t worry about the kid…he’s gonna succeed. :smile:


To prevent splash back? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This kid is a genius! So awesome! Love these kinds of stories!!! :squeee:


He’s super smart and very talented, obviously, but I’m much more impressed by how well spoken he is, and how mature. When he talks about how poorly his presentations went, and says “that’s on me.” Holy cow. I know adults who aren’t that self-reflective and honest. I also admire that, at his age, he is able to see the science fair loss as much more nuanced than “i did poorly, ergo I didn’t win.”


Such a cool project! We passed this around the office as well. Truly amazing kid.