Dan Shapiro Lifehacker.com interview

Just read a great interview of @dan on Lifehacker.com http://lifehacker.com/im-dan-shapiro-ceo-of-glowforge-and-this-is-how-i-wor-1747067519

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Most of the time when I am anticipating a product, I don’t get swept up in the “crush on the CEO/Maker” aspect that seems to appear so often.

But every time I read or watch something with Dan in it… My main take-away is “I could like this guy”


Yeah, it’s been abundantly clear that when Dan says “I keep strange hours. I get to the office at 10am plus or minus an hour, then head home around 6 or 7…Then I work until about 3am”, that he’s not kidding. Could never figure out whether he was on Seattle or London time.


Good interview. Nice to have the personal information. Glad the late hours are routine and not burning candle at both ends. My biggest take away is not feeling inferior any more for doing the Wintel thing. My mobile devices are Apple and my serious tinkering and learning platforms are home built Linux machines, but my Windows machines I never feel like I have to ask permission to change a setting or do a hardware device install

Last week had a friend from NYC ask on Facebook if anyone had a power supply for her laptop. I made the mistake of asking what type. I think the entire city called me a uncultured boob. Apparently if it’s not an apple product it doesn’t exist in NYC.


Its funny you say that. I just moved back from Spain and it always seemed that Dan and my schedules seemed to align…

Also, if I installed RescueTime, the first thing it would do is put me in a time out for spending so much time here.


Did anyone catch anything in the forums regarding what he measured? I’ve been waiting for the slot height (from the bottom of the unit) to be released but haven’t seen it yet.

If you have the patience or proper software to extrapolate, dan posted a picture of the back of the unit

With that image, and knowing the width of the machine from the tech specs, you should be able to figure out the height to the passthrough slot (pretty sure that is the passthrough slot we see at least)

Funny enough I was going to use digital calipers and measure my screen with some quick ratio calculation. Problem is the diagrams I’ve seen don’t show the Pro with the back slot. Sketchup is probably a better idea though… :wink: I’ll take another look over the weekend. I want to line it up so I can use my tablesaw as an outfeed table.

You know @Tony is also one of the founders of RescueTime, right?


same here :smile:

Not sure where on a Mac you have to ask permission to install anything. Now the system asks your permission, forcing a UI break to type in your password, specifically to prevent malware from escalating to root level and running amok. Windows until recently had the default user running at administrative level which allowed malware to self-install without asking; newest versions of windows reversed this trend specifically to close this hole.

No, sorry. I used the wrong word for this process. I wasn’t referring to file permissions. I should have said: “Without feeling like I’m offending Jony Ive.”

Of things I worry about, Jony Ive’s opinion of my aesthetics are super low on the list. I’m sure my fashion sense alone offends Jony Ive (I wear “disposable” clothes most day from Costco, since the chance I will have to throw out clothing due to hospital “Ick” is so high, but have to “dress” most days) and figured if he’s offended by my design aesthetic on the hardware devices I design, he is more than welcome to lend his expertise fixing that… As for my mac, as a developer (in addition to being a doc) I have multiple command windows open, debuggers, the arduino IDE, Eclipse (now that UI should offend all mammals let alone Ive), BBEdit, transmit doing sFTP to several RPi’s, etc.