Dan Shapiro Talk: A Very Old Game

Happened to see this in my YouTube stream


Might have to check that out.


Yeah I may give it a round or two. :stuck_out_tongue:


Necropolis looks fun too… but I don’t know that my PC could run it.


Looks like it is on Steam… might have to give it a go tonight.
I have often wondered what Rogue all of these other games were “like”.
I thought it had something to with

  1. a dishonest or unprincipled man.
    you are a rogue and an embezzler
  2. an elephant or other large wild animal driven away or living apart from the herd and having savage or destructive tendencies.
    a rogue elephant

I used to play this all the time!

In case anyone wants to download a version… or three.



I’m so glad they put that up! I gave that talk at Kickstarter HQ a while ago for an event they had - I had a lot of fun with it, if it wasn’t obvious from the video. :slight_smile:

Sharp eyes will notice my Glowforge-made watchband.

Someone want to start a Rogue high scores thread?


I remember well playing on an IBM PCjr with my dad seeing who could make it the furthest. I usually starved to death before Trolls. Of course being older and having access to the source code the starving joy is much less frequent.


I downloaded Necropolis last night… played for an hour… died at least a dozen times… farthest I got was level 2.


Was it entertaining? I saw it go buy but didn’t think much of it. Now I’m going to have to go find it

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It was entertaining… and hard. I was surprised to see that I had played for a whole hour. The mechanics are such that you have to think about when you hit the attack button… a slight delay as the character readies the sword before swinging it. The procedural generation is very well done… although I haven’t been able to go far enough yet to know how quickly it will become too repetitive.


An updated version requiring much less abstract interpretation and imagination. It does have an ASCII mode, though.


For those of you with Android phones, you might want to check out “pixel dungeon” and it’s variations (sprouted, shattered, remixed, soft, etc)

For those of you with some access to home gaming consoles or cough “home gaming console equivalents” you might like to check out:

Lufia 2, SNES (the 99 floor dungeon part)
Lufia 3, GB
Lufia 4, GBA
Azure Dreams, PS1, GBC(better function on PS1)
Torneko: the last hope, PS1
Chocobo’s Dungeon, Wii

These have rogue like features, but also have some degree of not losing all of your progress each time you go through them, so you can explore deeper and unlock new features.

For instance, in Lufia 2, it plays like a traditional jrpg and has a wonderful storyline on its own. You will get a chance to stop at an island where you attempt a 99 floor dungeon. At entrance, your party levels all go to 1 and they unlearn any spells you’ve acquired. Every chest is completely random, but gear is not always enough to survive. There are a very small amount of items you can find in the dungeon that are very powerful, and you can take with you in and out of the dungeon, but most that you find will be removed upon clearing or death.

In azure Dreams, you can bring 5 items in,(including weapon and shield) and a monster with you that you’ve raised and trained, but you have limited inventory space. Your monster keeps it’s experience points and level, but you go back to wimp status each time you enter. You can sink the money you get through playing into the town to acquire trophies, have larger stables and more monsters, and have some “conversations” with ladies who might find you, as the adventurer, attractive.

Torneko and chocobo are also limited inventory featured and allow you to keep bringing in upgraded equip.ent to go deeper or into harder dungeons, but these both have multiple different dungeons that add additional rules. In torneko you can change classes and basically play the whole game with altered set of rules as a knight, mage, or merchant.

There are cool aspects to all of these games and if you find yourself enjoying rogue like games, these roguelikes might be a little easier and graphical to help ease you into the truer rogues.


If anyone’s got a Rogue top-10-score screen, be sure to post it here for all to admire. :slight_smile:


I’m officially old. My first thought was “He can’t be talking about Rogue. Everybody’s played that!” Then it occurred to me that Rogue was popular in my circle of friends roughly 25 years ago.

Now I’m depressed. :cry:


I searched rogue on the iOS app store and a LOT came up. Anyone have an idea as to one of the better versions? (preferably free)


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Ran into this one randomly. I’ve played rogue, but not for about 20 years. Pity, too.

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Fortunately there’s a quick fix for that. :slight_smile:


This is true.

Ever played ‘Telengard’ on the C64? Loved that game, too.

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