Dan, where’s my proofgrade order? Part 2

Continuing the discussion from Dan, where’s my proofgrade order?:

I need to follow up on this, as the original thread was closed prematurely. Where to begin? I did receive this order shortly after complaining about it, but there are a number of issues with that.

I ordered 16 sheets of acrylic which were shrink-wrapped together. This was quite a heavy solid mass. These sheets were thrown into a way oversized box with just flimsy air cushioning for packing material. Not one of the air cushions survived the journey. All that was left was the burst plastic film, and as a result, the acrylic had punched a large hole in the side of the box. If I had ordered a lens or anything else that was small, it would never have made it to me.

I have pictures of all this, and I won’t know if any of the acrylic is damaged until I take the paper off it after engraving it. If this came from Glowforge’s new fulfillment center then I have zero confidence in ordering anything again.

If the paper masking isn’t damaged, you can be fairly well assured that the acrylic itself isn’t damaged. That said, you can peel back the masking and stick it back on (burnish it really well) to make sure.

I get why you’re concerned, but you haven’t lost a lens and the acrylic might be just fine. Feedback is always helpful, but since you’ve got lots of wonderful goodies, it might be a good time to just enjoy them.


Yeah, my last order came in a huge box too. I attributed that to the company recently changing vendors who fill the orders. I speculate that the vendor already had the big boxes (legacy inventory) and will be using more appropriate size in the future to save on costs. Just a guess.

Over the years I have seen the company take responsibility for any damage or missing items, so I still have faith they would stick to that MO.


Being they are not staff, I don’t think they can reassure you of it.


Ah, sorry. I thought that was a customer service response.

Their response will have a yellow background, and say “Staff” next to their name.
We are just owners trying to help in the mean time.

Honestly, I was just trying to be kind. If I had a new stack of acrylic, I’d be pondering cool things to make.

And, yes, I’m just a fellow owner. Best of luck.


My bad. I saw the Owner tag by your name and assumed you were GF company owner, not product owner. My apologies.


I’m glad your order arrived and I apologize for the packaging! I’ve sent your description to my colleague to make sure that we do better on this in the future, too.

I think @ChristyM is correct that if the masking looks good your acrylic will be in great shape, but if you do discover an issue, please don’t hesitate to create a new post here or email us at support@glowforge.com.